Future E.D.O. Podcast Session #3 Part 2 - Collin Newman & Nicole Lee

Show Notes: (In order, Rough Timestamp) 02:00- Tipping 16:00- We are living in the future 20:00 - Dating apps 22:00- Alpha Males 27:00- What a jersey girl sounds like during sex 32:00- Nikki likes a lumberjack man 38:30- Nikki's celeb crushes 41:00- Collin's diet 43:00- Paleo Diet: How long have we been eating this way? 46:00- Vegetarians have it wrong 43:20- Is Milk Healthy? 47:50 Let food be thy medicine 48:00- Paleo diet 51:00- Kelp and iodine and thyroid 56:00- diseases linked to one thing Collin Newman is an Actor residing in Los Angeles http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7434996/ Nicole Lee is an Actor & Voiceover personality residing in Los Angeles http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4743931/

#comedy #paleo #health #losangeles #bartending

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